Graduate Courses

Graphical Models (EE512)

Image Denoising Using Dark Frames [Report]

Computer Security and Privacy (CSE564)

Tool for automatically detecting steganography in images [Report]

Computer Vision (CSE576)

Computer Graphics (CSE557)

Principles of Database Systems (CSE544)

An image-based positioning system with a web interface where the user submits a query image and the system localizes the user on a map of UW campus by matching the image against a database of images. [Report | Presentation]

Undergraduate Courses

Digital Image Processing 

Numerical and Scientific Computing (Link)

Analysis and Design of Algorithms 

Studied baseline JPEG encoding [presentation]

Mini Project with Prof. Subhashis Banerjee

Vehicle detection in video [reportvideo (5 MB)]

Design Practices in Computer Science

Programming Languages

Implemented a simulator showing stack frames for procedures in an imperative languages [linux binary and data]

Operating Systems (Link)

Digital Hardware Design

Built an off line digital oscilloscope, where the sampled signal is transferred to a PC using the Serial Port and viewed using a GUI [report]

NOTE:  All code is provided as is, with no guarantees except that bugs are almost surely present